When It Comes To A Business Phone System: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Your business isn’t like any other business, even those in the same industry when it comes to daily operations. You may have an awesome mobile workforce or maybe your business operates in an office environment. Either way, your business is unique to itself and your phone system should match it, meaning one size does not fit all. If you are shopping for a new phone system, you need to be sure you are getting one that fits your business now and will grow with your company.. Here, we offer you suggestions in getting the phone system that is just right for it: THE STAGE OF DISCOVERY First, you need to compare the phone system you have today with the requirements you have for operating. Ask your

What Your Business Should Be Doing For IT Security Measure

There is always change happening with technology, that isn’t news to anyone. It may be small changes and sometimes, its big changes. And either way, it seems to happen if you blink. And that can make it challenging for a business’ IT department to make sure all is safe and secure. Whether you have a small, medium, or huge company, here are some suggested IT security practices that will help secure your company data: Password Policy: Implement and Enforce It Passwords take just a few minutes of your time but are essential in saving you a lot of problems. Your IT policy needs to have specific outlines for password requirements, and they should be strongly enforced with the employees. Business

Cyber Attack Can Be Prevented By Your Employees

Security threats change daily. As a business owner, do you know if your employees are armed and ready to fight them? While the first line of defense is a strong IT system and team, your employees are the next line of defense. As much as 95% of all breaches are caused by humans according to a recent study by IBM. Hackers exploit the users more often than they will the system to access information of a company. And your employees – nor you – won’t know its happening. You need to make sure your employees – and your client’s employees – have all the tools they need to protect against cyber-attacks. And this begins by educating them and not just by issuing emails alerts. This means to have ongoin

Is It Time To Update The Cabling In Your Company?

Do you know as much as you think about the IT network in your company? Like the type of cabling system and when it was updated if it has been. If you own a business, these are things you should know. But if you aren’t able to sufficiently answer these things, you’re not the only business owner that doesn’t. The backbone of your company’s communication is the IT network. And like a strong backbone, if your IT network isn’t strong, then productivity is loss and time is wasted. Point-to-point cabling was good in its day, but it’s an old technology now, thus your business’ network is out-of-date if that’s what you’re still using. Time to get that system updated and switch to a structured cabling

Information To Help You Choose The Right Business Telephone Line

For the person that isn’t tech-savvy, ISDN, PSTN, SIP or VoIP doesn’t mean anything. But if you are looking at phone lines for your business, then you’re going to need to know what these letters stand for. We offer the following information as a reference to help you understand what the experts are throwing at you: Getting Back To The Basics In the UK, it isn’t unusual to find analog phone lines in businesses and residents. The analog, also known as the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), enables calls to be made through the local exchange by way of a copper wire network using a telephone that was plugged in or hardwired, to the wall. The functionality of the analog telephone is limite

Edge Computing: Exactly What Is It?

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are all familiar names and have earned our trust in regard to personal data. We trust them so much, that we now let them control our computers, including the ones built into our cars, televisions, even our toasters. And that my friends, is what Edge Computing is. Edge is another buzzword, like cloud and “IoT”. The mean everything, yet they mean nothing. But what exactly is Edge Computing? Where Did It All Start? At the beginning of the computerized world, there was only one computer, a big one, but there was only one. Then came the era of Unix and it taught us how to connect to that one big computer via dumb terminals. Then came the personal computer era and an

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